A Clear Plan: Meet Josh Seigel

“It was such a relief to hear all my options from Dr. Lau. He gave me a very calming sense of the treatment plan.”
— Josh Seigel

Josh Seigel visited the urgent care for help with groin pain in late 2019. The doctor there said it was the result of an infection and gave him antibiotics. When the ache returned in just a month, Josh found out what was really going on. He had testicular cancer.

Consulting with a surgeon near his home on L.A.’s Westside, Josh scheduled a procedure for two weeks later. The next day, though, a different message came through: He needed to have the surgery ASAP. Confused and distressed by the sudden change, Josh would learn that the doctor was trying to fit him in before an upcoming vacation.

Josh then reached out to City of Hope, one of only 51 hospitals recognized as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute. He trusted the providers there. After all, they had helped his mother beat breast cancer little more than a year before. 

Surgical expert Clayton Lau, M.D., explained Josh’s diagnosis and potential treatment plan, with no sense of false urgency. After surgery and chemotherapy, Josh is cancer-free in his early days as a survivor.

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