Tabitha Paccione

When Tabitha began having coughing fits and severe fatigue, doctors couldn’t figure out why. She endured a series of misdiagnoses to discover a two-inch tumor on her left lung, a surprise for a 35-year-old nonsmoker.

Tabitha connected with experts in precision medicine to pinpoint the rare mutation that triggered her cancer. She felt better within weeks.

Access to care from a leading specialist in precision medicine for lung cancer helped Tabitha beat her cancer.

Tabitha’s journey illustrates exactly why Cancer Care is Different. That’s why we’ve built a coalition to fight for cancer care equity in California, so that more Californians living with cancer can access promising new innovations and receive treatment from experts.

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    Cancer Care is Different is proud to stand behind the California Cancer Patients Bill of Rights resolution, passed unanimously by the Legislature in 2021. California is the first state to adopt a bill of rights for cancer patients. The Bill of Rights lays out six rights that every cancer patient should be entitled to, from access to promising new innovations, experts specializing in various cancer types, and advances in personalized, precision cancer treatments.